A pedestrian reflector saves lives!

Be Visible Be Safe!


Pedestrian reflectors have been used all over Scandinavia for over 40 years and have proved to cut down the number of accidents between pedestrian and motor vehicle to half. Today personal pedestrian reflectors are used in many countries in the world and they are a cheap life insurance!
Pedestrians are three times more likely to die in a road acci


dent than other road users.

The risk to get hit or killed by a car increases three times in darkness.

Already at twilight the risk increases.

40% of all pedestrian accidents happens when it is dark.

Whether daytime, dawn, dusk, foul weather, or at night, you need to be seen by others.

Remember, just because you can see the driver doesn’t mean the driver can see you.


8 out of 10 drivers who struck people at night didn’t see them.


Speed and visibility is crucial.
Driving at 40 km/h that gives the driver only 2 seconds to react. A pedestrian reflector can be seen shining 125 metres in the headlights giving the driver a full 10 seconds to react, to adjust speed and give the pedestrian space.
Whit higher speed the distance to react will be reduced! 
At 80km/h the driver has only at most 5 seconds to react. 


More children between the ages 5-14 die as a result of being struck by a motor vehicle than from any other cause, natural or accidental.

Small children because of their size and that their cognitive and perceptual abilities not are fullydeveloped.
Elderly children and youngsters because they often are distracted by headsets, mobile phones and walking in groups talking and not focusing on the traffic, they are also more often out on the streets in the evening after nightfall.
Pedestrian reflectors can make it much safer and help prevent accidents where children and traffic meets. 
A person walking in lowlight conditions, wearing dark clothes is first seen approximately 20-30 meters. In light clothes 60 meters, when it rains even less. With a reflector 125 meters. The reflector is best seen if it sits low and moves. To wear a Pedestrian Reflector is the cheapest life insurance. 
   A Reflector Saves Lives
Encouraging children and adults to wear reflectors will make them more visible and can help to provide a lowering of the night time death and injury rate.
The Reflector is simply attached to the garments with a string and a safety pin. It can be stored in the pocket during daylight and pulled out when the light fades. 

    A Pedestrian Reflector Saves Lives!

Excerpts from Playtime Seychelles road safety project.
You can read more about the project in earlier blogs, Label Be Visible Be Safe!


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