Adults are the facilitators of play!

Adults are the facilitators of play and facilitates play by providing inspiring indoor and outdoor play environments.
Play needs time, space and things to play with and also engaged, interested and present adults that take play seriously.
Play facilitators plan for play but they don’t plan children’s play because they know this it is against the central features of play.
Play facilitators know that play is child chosen, child invented and voluntary.
Play facilitators are providers of experiences that develops, enrich and extends  children’s play.
Play facilitators ask questions, offers suggestions, and take interest in children’s play.
Play facilitators are co-players, if invited, they play with the children on the  children’s terms. Children love and appreciate when adults take part in their play.
Play facilitators are responsible for that play is not disturbed and interrupted, some plays are more complicated to play than others and need more time to stage and develop. If children are disturbed to often there is a risk that they stop playing the more complicated plays like role and fantasy plays and construction play.
Play facilitators are observers of play and are responsible for that all children have access to play opportunities every day and that no one is excluded.
Play facilitators provide stimulating and attractive materials to enhance and entice children into play.
Play facilitators must carefully consider age and developmental levels in the design of the play areas and in the selection of materials.
Play facilitators provides a variety of materials to stimulate different kinds of plays both indoor and outdoor.
Play facilitators provide plenty of accessories as play people, animals, transportation vehicles etc. they know that accessories are important in play especially in dramatic play and block/construction plays, stimulates language, interactions, creativity and fantasy.
Play facilitators always let children have access to the loose parts both in indoor and outdoor plays. They know that the loose parts empowers children’s creativity and fantasy.
Play facilitators organize the material so it is easy for children to overview and selecting material and also easy placing the materials back when they are finished.
Play facilitators knows the importance of that play material must be clean and unbroken and that broken materials even can be dangerous to play with especially for small children.
Play facilitators inspects the material on regularly basis.
Play facilitators understands the importance of play for children’s well-being, learning and development.
Play facilitators knows that an inspiring play environment is an opportunity for learning.

Having Fun Must be Taken Seriously!

If you ask your Child what they have done in his creche or preeschool today and he answer”we had so much fun we played the whole day”! Be Happy your Child is enrolled in a chrech/preeschool where the staff take play seriously and understands that Play is the key to a life-long Learning.
Play ensures the maximum potential development of every child and play stimulates creativity, fantasy and is important to the emotional, cognitive and physical development of the whole child.
Young children spend most of their time playing and I read somewhere that a child have played 15000 hours during the first 6 years of his life. I believe that it is 15000 hours very well spent.