Kisisa en reflekter?

“Kisisa en reflekter?”translated to English means “What is a pedestrian reflector?”and that is the title of the picture book Playtime Seychelles gives to children in primary school together with a pedestrian reflector to encourage children to use a reflector. The book helps children understand why they shall wear a pedestrian reflector and it is written in the children’s own mother tongue creole.
Follow the link and you can read the book in english on Calameo.
We start with a presentation to the teachers about the benefits of pedestrian reflectors and also provide the teachers and their families with personal pedestrian reflectors. We give a book to all class rooms and encourage the teachers to read the book to the children and talk about why it is important to wear a pedestrian reflector before we visit the classroom and give each child a book and a reflector.
At our visit the children are very anxious to tell us what they learnt about pedestrian reflectors and they really have learnt a lot with guidance from their teachers and from the book.
Bel Ombre Primary School
                                                                Glacis Primary School
So far we have been giving the book to 2000 children in Primary School by help from a donation from the US Embassy in Mauritius. 

Be Visible Be Safe Poster


Outside the postoffice in Victoria

Promoting pedestrians reflectors on the Regatta

Workshop during National Road Safety Week

Donating pedestrian reflector bracelets on the bus station in Victoria to bus passengers and  pedestrians

A collaboration between Playtime Seychelles and Seychelles Postal have made it possible to buy a a personal Pedestrian Reflector at Seychelles Postal Office in Victoria. The profit is used to print more Kisisa books. 

The project slogan is “Safe in Seychelles” that also is printed on the pedestrian reflector bracelets.
Excerpts from Playtime Seychelles Road Safety project Be Visible Be Safe.
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