Lekia did it again!- part 2

The toys went from Sweden in November, they were picked up by Active Air Cargo AB at Lekia’s Warehousein Malmö and transported to Arlanda Airport Stockholm, Sweden for delivery to Seychelles by Qatar Airways.

Meanwhile we were applying for tax exemption for a donation of toys at Seychelles Revenue Commission. We got the call from Seychelles Air Cargo that the toys has arrived to Sez Airport and we had to contact an agent, that we have used before so he could start to do the bill entry based on our documents and the tax exempt letter. After 5 days he finished the paperwork and it was time for us to go to the airport and pick up “our toys” from customs.


We unpacked the boxes when we came home and we always get the Christmas Eve feeling when we do this. To find out what it is in the boxes. We don’t know! It is a surprise! We got trolls, cuddle toys, gymnastic bags and rattles for small children from Lekia.
Then it is time to buy wrapping paper, ribbons and bows and to print the Christmas Gift cards and cut them out.
Next step is to consult our list with children that is in a need of a Christmas Gift and start calling around and talk to head teachers, orphanages and charity organisations and make appointments to deliver Christmas Gifts and to attend Christmas Parties
 Lekia send us more toys than we asked for this year, so we have been able to add two more recipients of toys to our list, Sisters of Good Hope that goes around and visit children and their families in their homes and Seychelles Hospital Maternity Ward.
Now it is time to start the funny work wrapping! I and my colleague will wrap around 400 Christmas Gifts that we will deliver during December
Every child should be entitled  to have a little playtime at least on Christmas Eve. 
Our first delivery of 70 Christmas Gifts was this week on Tuesday to La Retrait Schoolwhere we handed them over to the Head Teacher Mrs Sheila.
On Wednesday Playtime attended 3 Christmas parties at 2 Crèches and 1 Primary class.
I tell the children that these toys have travelled very far to reach them and Seychelles, from the other side of the globe, from a country named Sweden where it snows and is cold during winter. Some of the elderly children always give me the question “Is it where Father Christmas lives the North pool Madame?”

I also tookthe opportunity to talk to the children about road safety and pedestrian reflectors and gave each child a reflector.

We had a nice time on the parties, we gave the children the Christmas Gifts and wished all of them A Merry Christmas and had some cake. 
On Thursday we had the last delivery for this week of 60 Christmas Gifts and pedestrian reflectors to Caritas Seychelles for their Christmas party for children on Sunday.
Tomorrow the wrapping for next week will start.

To be continued


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