Lekia did it again!

Playtime Seychelles has since Christmas 2014 been giving Christmas gifts to children that maybe never got a Christmas Gift.
This program started by a coincident in November 2014 when a fantastic German gentleman, living in Seychelles, asked me if Playtime wanted to give the children toys as Christmas gifts. He had bought a big amount of toys in Germany. 


We accepted his offer with great gratitude!
Next step was to find the children who should be the recipients of the toys, children in most need to get a Christmas Gift. Fortunately one of Playtime Seychelles committee members are a social worker and she immediately started to contact her colleagues in the other of Seychelles Community districts. We soon got lists with names and ages of children from the different districts.
We bought a lot of beautiful wrapping papers, ribbons and bows and started to wrap the toys. 
We also printed gift cards and we wrote each child’s name on the card. We wanted each child to feel  this was a gift specially chosen for him/her.
Every child should be entitled to a little playtime at least on Christmas Eve!
Noreen social worker and member of Playtime Seychelles committee picks up Christmas Gifts for different distrtict on Mahe, 2015
We packed the gifts into boxes to the districts and some of the social workers arranged Christmas parties for the children in their district.
Playtime also participated in these parties and I and my colleague Michelle could give the children their Christmas Gifts in person.
We also visited the Orphanages and gave each child a Christmas gift and wished them a Merry Christmas.  
We saw the big smiles on the children’s faces when they got the gifts and how happy they were and decided to make this into a habit every Christmas. This was the start up for Playtime Seychelles Christmas Gift Program for children in Seychelles.
Next year we were sending donations letters to toy manufacturers and retailers.
We wrote a lot of letters where we appealed for toys for Christmas gifts to children that maybe never got a Christmas gift or not even own a toy of their own.
Richard Richardson from a toy company, Lekia Sweden answered our appeal immediately.
He said, yes we can donate toys to Seychelles children, and he asked how many children do you have and in what ages, that are in a need toys?
We realized that Playtime Seychelles was fortunate to get in contact with a person and a company that have a big and generous heart.
We got two big boxes full of fantastic toys that we picked up on Seychelles airport and we were excited like children on Christmas Eve when we unpacked them.
Lekia have been the donor of toys to our Christmas Gift program 2015, 2016 and they have done it again!


Lekia Sweden is also the toy donor to Seychelles children 2017!

Nowadays we give gifts to many different places. We give to Crèches, Primary Schools, Christmas parties, to the church, Social Affairs, Children’s Ward at Seychelles Hospital.
Seychelles Hospital Children’s Ward 2015
                                                                     Sister Alice 2016
This program and Lekia’s donations have attracted a lot of attention in Seychelles and have been nominated as one of the Minister of Tourism and Culture high lights of the year, two years in a row.
The program has been very appreciated in Seychelles, but probably most appreciated by the children. How exiting isn´t it to get a gift from Sweden, a country so far away from Seychelles and gifts that are specially chosen only for them. It is important for children to feel special and chosen sometimes and at least once a year!
We will do updates on this blog about this year’s Christmas gifts and how it proceeds.
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