The kitchen a compelling and dangerous place

Babies and young children are naturally curious and explore their surroundings with great curiosity, unaware of all the risk that exist around them. Parents have always to be a step ahead to discover lurking hazards in the home and take measures to prevent accidents. Many of the most serious accidents with catastrophic aftermaths occur in the kitchen like scales, burns and poisoning.
There is a great deal that can be dangerous to your child in the kitchen.
A stove guard is very useful there are stove guards both for electrical and gas stoves on the market. If you don’t have a stove guard, then you can put the pots at the back at the hotplates on the stove and turn the handles backwards so your child can’t reach them and drag the pots down over themselves.
Drawers and cupboards

Small children love to open drawers and cupboards to find out was is hidden there. As a parent you will discover that your child will endlessly open drawers and cupboards pull out everything tucked away inside and examine and play with it. To secure and put safety locks on drawers and cupboards are important to eliminate accidents so your child can’t get in reach of something that is dangerous for him/her and small fingers can also get trapped in the cupboards doors or drawers.

Knives and sharp utensils keep them stored high up preferable in a drawer locked with a safety lock.
                                                          Chemical products
Store chemical products in such a way, that your child can’t get hold of them. Take special care with medicines, petroleum products and corrosive products such as detergent and dishwasher powder. They can cause serious poisoning and burn injuries. All kind of cleaning products shall be kept high up in a locked cupboard.  Pesticides for ants and insects should be stored, so that your child can’t come in contact with them. 
Call the hospital if you believe your child has swallowed something poisonous! 
Plastic Bags.
Store your plastic bags in a drawer high up so your child can’t reach them. Plastic bags are very dangerous for small children to play with. They can be suffocate if they put the plastic bag over their head. You can also as extra precaution make a habit of always tie a knot in the top of the plastic bags which will stop your child from being able to open them.
                                                          Make a “Safe Cupboard”                                                  Set aside one cabinet for your child to explore. Fill it with safe, yet interesting looking containers, small pots, tree spoons (funny to bang with) and other items that is not a dangerous to your child to play with. It could also be a good idea to put in a new item every now and then. This will be heaven for a small curious child and also give the child the opportunity to examine andthrough his/her senses — seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting. The more they explore, the more they learn.
Buy Products with Child Resistant Caps.
Keep a lid on your bin
Remove toxic plants
Close the dishwasher hatch


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